Nikita Khudiakov

Ukraine, Kharkiv

Birthdate: 15 December 1984


I’m a Ukrainian media artist, educator and cultural manager based in Berlin mainly working with XR, AV and generative art. Managing VR art festivals, developing art communities (XR Art Ukraine and CryptoArt Ukraine), building virtual galleries in the metaverse. Virtual experience Metacouncil was presented at Ars Electronica 2020 (In Kepler’s Gardens). Teaching XR art at Karazin University in Kharkiv, managing and participating in audio-visual jam sessions with electronic music and visual art, curating online exhibitions. Head of NGO “Art optimists”


As an artist, I’m focused on topics of ecological issues, mental health and speculative futures. Passionate about the intersection of arts, social projects, technologies and futurology.


2022 – Curator of a social NFT project “Collective Ukraine”. Exhibited at WebSummit 2022 and Art Basel Miami 2022

2022 – Media artist in multidisciplinary performance P.A.N.TER

2022 – Curator for ukrainian crypto artists for the auction at Evening of Immersion into Ukrainian Culture, organised by Friends of Ukraine in Switzerland

2022 – Co-curator of OIL BLOOD LIBERTY exhibition in Kunsthalle Hannover – press

2022 – fundraising and management of social and cultural projects to support Ukraine (most in CryptoArt Ukraine community)

2021 – Lead Artist at NFT DEB Hackathon of generative art

2021 – Festival organiser Novembre Numerique Ukraine 2021 – website

2021 – Virtual gallery creator for 4th Block Trienalle

2021 – XR mentor at Transcarpathia art residency

2021 – Director at POLEMAKIV CryptoArt show. IRL NFT exhibition of 120 art pieces and eductional programme

2021  – Initiated CryptoArt Ukraine community – website

2020 – Co-founder of virtual art center Kara Agora link

2020 – Co-curator of Speculative Playrooms project link

2020 – Coordinator of Virtualite VR art festival link

2020 – founder of project HUBS FOR CULTURE web-site

2020 – Digital Wine – online meetups around New Media Art youtube channel

2019 – Coordinator of FRONTIER VR Art Festival (20+ lectures, 2 hackathons of VR art and 2 exhibitions of VR art and 2 VR parties) web-site

2018 – Developer and project manager at VR Museum of Blockchain Art (virtual gallery for Samsung Gear VR) link

2017 – CEO at Mykolaiv IT Cluster. More than 10 event including 2 IT conferences (MyWebTech – 400 participants, 21 speaker, 3 streams, expo-zone and MyJS – 300 participants, 21 speaker, 3 streams, expo-zone)

2017 – TEDx talk “How future is distributed” 

2015 – Co-curator of exhibition “Survival Kit for Virtual Reality” (Budapest) 

2015 – Project manager of VR Day (Mykolaiv). Exhibitions and a meetup about VR art.

2015 – Project manager of the first ukrainian hackathon of VR art “Survival Kit for Virtual Reality”

2014 – 2017 – Project manager in software development company MobiDev 

2013 – Media installation “Museum touch” youtube video

2013 – Project manager of “Innovative Museum” project

2012 – 2013 – Project manage of “Mykolaiv Cultural Map” – link

2013 – Founder and director of NODA coworking. Managed more than 10 meetups about game development

2011 – 2012 Founder and coordinator of Cinema Community. Educational event on movie making each week

2008 – 2011 Founder and director of ART November Festival 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011