Artsexualizm is an exhibition of artists from the cryptoart scene initiated to explore sexuality in their art and in art in general. The exhibition will take place in a virtual space.

All art pieces including the virtual environment are minted at Hic Et Nunc (NFT platform using Tezos blockchain).


29 April 2021 – 19:00 EET / 18:00 CET / 12 PM EDT/ 9 AM PDT

Visit the exhibition –



FREEBOID (Ukraine)
aulerius (Lithuania)
Jungle Symbol (Ukraine)
Yalo (Ukraine)
Olay.ana (Ukraine)
Etienne Doucet (Pinkcloud) (Canada)
Thomas Lefebvre (Pinkcloud) (Canada)
Aleksandr Kuskov (Ukraine)
Tatyana Zubchenko (Ukraine)
Vlas Belov (Ukraine)
s_co_t_t (Ukraine)
Alexis Olin (Ukraine)
dignitylab (Ukraine)

Curated by Nikita Khudiakov aka FREEBOID