virtual space:


KARA AGORA is a participatory online Art & Research Center. Through various cultural formats using virtual worlds on the Internet, European citizens are invited to become active participants in imagining a transnational community. Art and transdisciplinary education become the tool and sources for an inclusive dialogue. Individual stories and knowledge are shared and amplified between physically distanced bodies in the online world.


The project is organized by a European team of curators Ágnes-Karolina Bakk from Hungary, Gleb Divov from the Independent Republic of Užupis (Lithuania), Julia Hartmann based in Austria, Nikita Khudiakov from Ukraine, Mara-Johanna Kolmel based in the UK and Tina Sauerlaender from Germany and by combining their expertise, KARA AGORA offers a public virtual space, where solidarity can be experienced beyond closed borders.