NFT at fxhash


This artwork is inspired by Philip Galanter and his paper “Complexity Theory as a Context for Art Theory” published in 2003. The intersection of arts and technologies was always one of the main things to investigate and this process is framing a specific mindset as any of longtime practices. Switching between abstract design and patching the artwork; between experimenting with visuals and thinking about the practice and the artwork is something very familiar to a meditation. I find this similarity because of oscillations between different levels of consciousness and being in several states of mind in the same time.


I had panic attacks and have anxiety issues so I’m using meditation as a practice to find harmony between chaos and order of how I percept life. And this process can also be seen as coding of inner algorithms. And yes, it is more like a creative coding where you experimenting and designing at the same time. By creating this artwork I’m visualising this process and trying to think about it through generative art.


The artwork is minted as NFT and has 50 editions. Each edition is generated using hash function of a mint transaction in the blockchain. This way, collector is a coauthor of his edition because the act of purchase the NFT affects the way it looks.

Rewire artwork is interactive web-based experience made with cables ( and minted on fxhash NFT marketplace on January 12, 2022.