Audio-visual performance created in the context of war in Ukraine to remelt the collective trauma into the art project

We are 5 musicians from different cities of Ukraine were forced to leave their homes and studios due to the war that Russia started with the whole world. Some of our equipment and musical instruments were destroyed. Despite that, we continue to create music and this helps us and others to overcome this traumatic experience and share it with each other and with the whole world.


The project team came together through chance meetings and unexpected coincidences. However, it is in this way that many ideas are born and made true. 


The result of our work should be an audiovisual experience built on the stories that we hear every day. This collective experience is a source of inspiration for us, and in order to create one story out of many stories, we use the construction of the so-called monomyth on which millions of stories are built. The eight stages of the monomyth are divided among the participants so that everyone can produce their own piece of history that most closely resonates with their life experience. At the same time, as a result, we will get the whole storyline of the hero’s journey, who was forced to leave his home, face an unusual context, get what they wanted by paying a price for it, return home and find that they were already changed completely.

Вадим Олійников

Донецьк, Одеса

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