Token of Trypillia

NFT at hic et nunc

Money goes to charity. More info about this in the text below.

Token of Trypillia is created as a digital object that is referring to trypillian culture (c. 5500 to 2750 BCE) of Eastern Europe.


I found the initial inspiration looking at one of the exhibits of Chernivtsi Museum of Local Lore. It was a stone part of an ancient axe. The stone itself was very beautiful and was used for trading and barter. Such interaction with other cultures was used as an early form of money (barter token).


By digging into the history of this region I started to investigate images and patterns of Trypillia. During experimentation with these patterns and painting the 3D object I developed a technique of painting individual polygons. Previously I used it in simpler forms but now I’ve decided to proceed with this practice and give it the name of Polygon art.


This project was made during VR Incubator in the city of Chernivtsi managed by NGO Laboratory of Culture. All money from selling this NFT goes to the NGO so that they could purchase VR gear and develop its use in cultural institutions and projects in Chernivtsi and Ukraine. Transaction to their wallet will go after each sale and we will post the progress and report of how money is spent.